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Welcome to the wonderful world of Lilly's Vintage Jewelry!

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My name is Lilly.  I have been collecting vintage costume or fashion jewelry since I was young without ever realizing it.    I have been studying, researching, and selling Vintage Costume Jewelry since 1999.   Some of you may know me by LilJep on eBay or my recently closed eBay store, Jewels to Auto Parts.  I also had a store on Ruby Lane by the same name as this site, Lilly's Vintage Jewelry!

Vintage Costume Jewelry is a perfect way to go green!  Recycling old jewelry that has style and high quality, what can be better.  Vintage jewelry is amazing.  It was originally made for a season and considered throw away jewelry.  The quality and craftsmanship is a huge testament to the time that it has lasted.  The United States has lost most of this industry and the outcome is obvious.  Most of today's fashion jewelry really is throw away in comparison to jewelry from the past.

I try to have a wide variety of pieces for everyone's different style.  You may find a few contemporary or some "real" pieces, but my main focus is vintage costume or fashion jewelry.  I love the flashy glitzy jewelry of the past.  The thermoplastics and Lucite and bakelite pieces catch my attention.  The modernist jewelry is always interesting.  The patriotic jewels are always a favorite.  You will find the whimsical to the "real" look going through my site.  So you never know what I'll be adding next.  Also remember that most, if not all, of the pieces I find, I only have 1 of.  So if you're thinking about it and planning to come back later - it may be gone!  We also take orders with payments by checks and money orders.  Please see our order info page for more information.

I guess you can say that I'm as addicted to the research and books of vintage jewelry as much as the jewelry itself.  Check out my new Book Pieces page, I have a lot of books!

I am a proud member of The Jewelry Ring, Vintage Fashion and Costume Jewelry, Collecting Miriam Haskell, and Jewel Collect Groups.

~ New Features ~

Floral Jewelry

Avon Jewelry

Monet Jewelry

Weiss Jewelry

Trifari Jewelry

Lisner Jewelry

Coro Jewelry

Whiting and Davis Jewelry

Patriotic Jewelry

ART and Art-Mode Jewelry Creations Inc.

Book Pieces: Vintage Costume Jewelry that has been shown in books

Figurals: By Land, Air and Water Jewelry

Figurals: People, Food & Objects Jewelry

Kramer Jewelry Creations

Juliana D&E Jewelry Information

Vintage Jewelry & Watch Ads

Vintage Jewelry Ads

Bunny Rabbit Jewelry Collection


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