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ModeArt  Jewelry Creations Inc. was founded in the late 1940's by Arthur Pepper and believed to be in business until the 1970's.  Some pieces are marked ART ©, ArtMode and ModeArt.  At this point there isn't much more known about the company.  We know they were located in New York, NY.  Most of their pieces are high quality and a very broad range of designs.  Most seem to be similar in design to Florenza or Hollycraft.  ART jewelry seems to be under appreciated.  Some of that may be due to it being hard to search for on the internet.  Some of the favorite designs by collectors are the brightly colored enamel  and figural pieces.

This page is to share some of the ART pieces that I have had and to bring a bit of awareness to the jewelry.

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ART AB Topaz Necklace Earrings

ART© Enamel Partridge in a Pear Tree Brooch

ART Enamel Cornucopia Brooch

ART Bird in Flight Brooch Earrings

ART Beige Necklace

Art Lucite earrings

ART Nature Series with Coral Brooch

Art Purple Cabs Bracelet

ART Colorful Enamel Eagle Brooch

ART pearls rhinestones apple brooch

ART Blue AB Necklace


ART golden Cross Pendant

ART © AB Amber Paisley brooch

ART © Sea Life Brooch

ART © Christmas Tree Brooch

ART © Rhinestones Strawberries brooch and earrings set

ART Enamel Rhinestones Earrings

ART faux Opals Brooch

ART© enamel open peach brooch

ART© Enamel Flower Brooch

ART© Zodiac Ring

ART Enamel Flower Brooch

ART© Maltese Cross Pendant/Brooch

ART Shield Ring

ART© Thermoset Necklace

ART Enamel floral brooch

ART© faux Pearls Necklace

ART art glass and rhinestones brooch

ART© Maltese Cross gold & silver tone

ART Gold tone mad money purse necklace

ART silver tone coin purse necklace

ART© Enamel cockatiel bird brooch

ART Rhinestones & faux pearls Shamrock brooch & earrings

ART plastic and rhinestones flowers necklace and earrings

ART© Pink AB Rhinestones earrings

ART enamel, coral and faux pearl leaf brooch

ART NA style faux turquoise necklace & earrings

ART Scarf ring slide

ART © Turtle Brooch

ART© Christmas Boot Brooch

ART© Green cabs & rhinestones brooch and earrings

ART © Golden Evergreen Brooch



~ ART Jewelry for Sale -Click Here ~

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