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Avon was first founded in 1886 by D.H. McConnell Sr as a perfume company in California.  The Avon line was added to the firm in 1920's and changed it's name in 1939 to Avon Products Inc.  Their lines were sold through local representatives as it is today.  They also sold giftware, jewelry, lingerie and cosmetics.  The quality varies from cheaply made to good quality.

NOTE: The initials on some Avon pieces (NR, BW, SP, SH, WN etc.) are NOT designer initials as many have attributed online.
This quote directly from Avon:
"The initials on some of our jewelry pieces are an internal company code for our jewelry in manufacturing. This identifies the vendor who has manufactured the jewelry for us. In some cases, the same piece of jewelry could be manufactured by two different vendors."


Centennial by Trifari for Avon

WN Avon

KJL for Avon

For Sale Here

Elizabeth Taylor for Avon

SP Avon

For Sale Here

NR Canada Avon


KJL for Avon

SP Avon

For Sale Here

Elizabeth Taylor for Avon

NR Avon

For Sale Here

For Sale Here

1886 - 1986 Avon

For Sale Here




Barrera for Avon

For Sale Here

For Sale Here





For Sale Here

Jose Barrera "American Style" for Avon

Jose Barrera "Roman Holiday" for Avon

Jose Berrara "Adriatic" for Avon

Jose Berrara 1994 "Fashion Flowers" for Avon


Brooches / Pins

AVON Golden Dimensional Butterfly Brooch

For Sale Here

AVON Golden Floral Vintage Bar Pin

For Sale Here



For Sale Here

For Sale Here

not marked - boxed

1974 Avon perfume

1973 Perfume Avon


For Sale Here

For Sale Here

For Sale Here

Avon 925

For Sale Here

A925 Avon Canada

For Sale Here

For Sale Here



Some Designers that have designed for Avon include:

Kenneth J Lane (1986 - 2005), Jose Maria Barrera (1989 - 1996), Trifari (1986), Louis Feraud (1984), Celia Sebiri (1987), Billy D Williams (1993), Shaill Jhaveri (1993 - 1994), Elizabeth Taylor (1993 - 1997), Coreen Simpson (1994 - 1998).

 For More great detail information regarding Avon, please see Ann's Avon Pages!

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